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Research Interests

  • Functional Programming
  • Programming Language Design
  • Concurrency
  • High Performance Computing
  • Compiler Optimizations
  • Compiler Backends

Research Project

  • Single Assignment C (SAC)External Link

    Development of a strict purely functional programming language whose design is focussed on the needs of numerical applications.

    Particular emphasis is laid on efficient support for array processing. Efficiency concerns are essentially twofold. On the one hand, efficiency in program development is to be improved by the opportunity to specify array operations on a high level of abstraction. On the other hand, efficiency in program execution, i.e. the runtime performance of programs both in time and memory consumption, is still to be achieved by sophisticated compilation schemes. Only as far as the latter succeeds, the high-level style of specifications can actually be called useful.

    A poster about SAC: [pdf]Download Link

Other Research Group Members

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